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Growing pains, adventure, and 20-sided dice abound in this new graphic novel series about a middle school Dungeon & Dragons club from Eisner and Harvey award-winning cartoonist Scott Kurtz.


Adventure Awaits!

Everything you need to start your very own Table Titans Club!

about the book

Valeria winters has an epic imagination!

A fantasy-obsessed nerd with the legendary confidence—and temper—of a Valkyrie, Val promises her mom that things will be different at her new school. “No more fighting!”

As if by fate, she meets the Table Titans right away—Alan, Andrew, and Darius, who run the school’s tabletop gaming club. Finally, Val has found her own adventuring party! And even better . . . a place where she belongs.

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Start a Table Titans Club at your school

Starting a Table Titans club at your school or library can offer many benefits, particularly in fostering social skills and creating a sense of community. Through collaborative storytelling and problem-solving, students can enhance their communication, teamwork, and creativity. Roleplaying games encourage players to think critically, make decisions as a group, and build lasting friendships in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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About the author

Scott Kurtz also has an epic imagination!

Scott Kurtz is the Eisner and Harvey award-winning cartoonist who helped pioneer webcomics with his daily feature, PvP. Since then, Scott has gone on to produce podcasts, animated series, and live roleplaying events.

Now, after 25 years of a daily grind, Scott has decided to try his hand writing books for young readers.

Contact Scott about comics, his books or having him make an appearance.

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